Boonie Mayfield – Boon Documented, Vol. 2

“Solomon Vaughn aka Boonie Mayfield has never culled “a little bit of this, a little bit of that” as an attitude in his creations. From his lush studio instrumentation to the committed, experimental shamelessness of his raps and beats, Boonie has always explored music-making unapologetically, at the risk of radically revising his sound despite its reception on each new occasion. And so he has come thus far with an adventurous, high-flying model of producing music. He transcends genres; he twists and turns styles, always searching for every possible creative edge, no matter how elusive that may prove to be. He has released singles, EP’s, mixtapes and albums, stylistically diverse between them, but always with one common goal in mind – being the best he can be…by his own standards, and means.

Single: Quitapenas – Ya Veran

An Inland Empire hidden gem, Quitapenas developed one of the finest Afro-Latin tropical combo sounds in the United States. Their name derives from a Spanish term meaning to “remove your worries.” Their music is a reflection of that persona, as their laid-back sounds hypnotize you into ocean filled environment where the freshest beverages await for your sipping. C’mon, sit back and relax to the sounds of Quitapenas.