Kap G – SupaJefe

I’ve been a strong admirer of Atlanta’s Kap G. His newest album SupaJefe marks his transition toward becoming a BOSS. Having released a series of mixtapes over the course of five years, Kap G’s hard work in perfecting his flows, words, and overall composition is noticeable on SupaJefe.
Currently signed to Pharrell’s I Am Other Records, Kap G surpasses my expectation through his fearless storytelling approach. He doesn’t hold anything back. SupaJefe is a brilliantly true composition of clever wordplay – something that I believe is the mark of a genius poet and genuine storyteller. He most definitely brings a whole new perspective to the Atlanta music scene.


Joey Bada$$ blesses our generation with a politically charged, socially conscious, and personally enlightening album that demands we have tough conversations about every construct created to subdue the human spirit. It creates dialogue about social issues and it inspires a generation to continue challenging every non common sensical and hypocritical idea, including public policies.
ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ is unapologetic about things you shouldn’t apologize for in the first place. Click to listen.

Erik Jackson – Almost Dark

Erik Jackson’s Almost Dark goes back to the essence of jazz fusion music production. Dusting off his MPC, Almost Dark goes through the oldest vinyl albums in jazz where he seeks inspiration and wisdom from the legends. Through the 7 month journey, Erik Jackson learns that music never dies therefore his music is a tribute to those who have gone before us.
Listen to this gem – you can start from the top and let it roll.

Boogie Belgique – Volta

“Nostalgic, soulful and, of course, boogie-woogie.” That’s how Belgian DJ producer Boogie Belgique (AKA Oswald Cromheecke) describes the enticing combination of styles and sources from different decades that make up his music. Taking vintage inspirations, most notably from swing and jazz eras, and merging them with contemporary beats and textures is the young producer’s forte. This is pleasingly evident on Volta, the latest Boogie Belgique album for Cold Buster Label.”