Lalah Hathaway – Live!

“LIVE, was the product of a special show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, the same venue where my father recorded Donny Hathaway Live. That night changed me. It was total exposure for me. There were moments during the making of that record… on that day… in that room… on that stage… where I felt like I needed to detach. I had to hide. What I was experiencing was so intense and unchartered I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me when I really engaged. That was the moment I stopped hiding myself. I realised I was stepping into a light. I was literally and figuratively, taking a step into a new place, a new space where I could no longer hide. The record is not perfect. I didn’t fix every little thing and that was liberating. I submitted myself to the truth of the moment.”

Habit Blcx – Progress is a Process Vol. 2

“Habit Blcx “Progress is a Process 2” is lean and ambitious. In it, the musings of a brother refreshingly self-aware and self-critical, racked with worry about the world around him, and unafraid of casting his thoughts into the open. There are moments of streamed, ferocious, unfiltered consciousness, like that in “Pledge of Allegiance.” There are moments of mature guidance and game-spitting, like those we hear in “Dreams Cost.” And, classically, Habit Blcx offers a full, key-assisted chronology of his life on a smash among many, “High With You.” ”