STERYO Play 61

This week’s STERYO Play features music from: Flamingosis, Stan Forebee, HashFinger, MTBD, The Jazz Jousters, Engelwood, Brock Berrigan, and many more.
STERYO Play is a hand selected playlist comprised of deep cuts from jazz, hip hop, electronic, and world music made available every Monday. STERYO Play is *All-human selection but algorithmically inspired. 🙂

Bastien Keb – 22.02.85

‘22.02.85’ is the new album from Bastien Keb. Initially conceived as a concept album about a stripper lost in the city (like a straight-to-video follow up to Showgirls), ‘22.02.85’ has a distinctly nocturnal edge to it. The city at night, lost in a crowd, abandoned petrol stations, empty kebab shops, broken florescent lights. Like a half-forgotten dream, familiar yet unnerving.

A guitarist first and foremost, Keb also plays trumpet, bass, drums, piano, flute and more – many borrowed donated or found instruments.

Kap G – SupaJefe

I’ve been a strong admirer of Atlanta’s Kap G. His newest album SupaJefe marks his transition toward becoming a BOSS. Having released a series of mixtapes over the course of five years, Kap G’s hard work in perfecting his flows, words, and overall composition is noticeable on SupaJefe.
Currently signed to Pharrell’s I Am Other Records, Kap G surpasses my expectation through his fearless storytelling approach. He doesn’t hold anything back. SupaJefe is a brilliantly true composition of clever wordplay – something that I believe is the mark of a genius poet and genuine storyteller. He most definitely brings a whole new perspective to the Atlanta music scene.

Habit Blcx – Progress is a Process Vol. 2

“Habit Blcx “Progress is a Process 2” is lean and ambitious. In it, the musings of a brother refreshingly self-aware and self-critical, racked with worry about the world around him, and unafraid of casting his thoughts into the open. There are moments of streamed, ferocious, unfiltered consciousness, like that in “Pledge of Allegiance.” There are moments of mature guidance and game-spitting, like those we hear in “Dreams Cost.” And, classically, Habit Blcx offers a full, key-assisted chronology of his life on a smash among many, “High With You.” ”