Nomis – Chapters

“In a time where America appears to be divided more than ever, it would sometimes seem as if the people as a whole have absolutely nothing in common. But the one thing that all creeds and colors can relate to is hardship. All cultures and social economic groups can feel a kinship in the reality that there is no escaping tribulation. While some focus solely on the trial, Nomis offers us an alternative. A reminder that its always darkest before the dawn. A mantra professing that our past choices and current predicaments do not define our future. A slogan we can all latch on to. “When it hurts and its doomed for disaster, Our story ain’t done time to write a new chapter.””

VIZUAL: Cypher Cure – Water is Life

One day we will wake up to the reality of no water. When there is no water there will be no life. As it is, some communities don’t have access to water. Other communities don’t have access to clean water. And other communities are facing the possibilities of water extinction due to various forces working against the interests of the people.
Listen to gain some insight.