Téhu – EP Boulevard

Masterful musical storytelling! Téhu is unique, he tells a brilliant story using sounds converted into luscious rhythms. Every song has passion and it’s crafted in a manner which is best described as inner-personal narratives. It gives you the jolting inspiration needed to go over the hump, in any task, any day!

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Lack of Afro – Music for Adverts

Music for Adverts is Lack of Afro’s fourth studio album on Freestyle Records. Lack of Afro is a multi-instrumentalist who has a knack for pushing the boundaries of music genres. Starting off as an alternative dance producer, Music for Adverts showcases his inner Isaac Hayes (production). The album features wonderful collaborations with Jack Tyson-Charles, Wax & Herbal T, EOM and Juliette Ashby, all of who layer the album with their own distinct brand of soul.

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David Douglas – Spectators of the Universe

David Douglas’ Spectators of the Universe takes you to a place where the localness matters as much of the sum of everything.
““Spectators Of The Universe” is the new album from Dutch producer/artist/video director David Douglas released via Atomnation Records. Following on from 2014’s “Moon Observations”, Douglas continues to perfect his interstellar sound, taking the listener on a polyrhythmic, technicolour journey through melodic, sun kissed disco and electronic music.”

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RUMTUM – Mora Tuga

“Within “Mora Tuga”, RUMTUM creates an experience of deep textured beats using himself as the sample source. Using haunting chants, woodwinds, percussion, guitars and synthesizers he layers sounds that conjure a sort of fog that lingers somewhere off in the distance. Welcome to the rainforest on another planet, where beautifully emotive instrumental compositions head-knod as easy as they thought provoke. Much like his print making and illustration work, RUMTUM’s music can be revisited again and again to find new moments of interest and inspiration.”

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