STERYO Play 63

This week’s STERYO Play features music from: Kendrick Lamar, Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattison 2, Nujabes, Danger Mouse feat. Run the Jewels, Faith Evans, Snoop Dogg, Flamingosis, and many more.

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STERYO Play 61

This week’s STERYO Play features music from: Flamingosis, Stan Forebee, HashFinger, MTBD, The Jazz Jousters, Engelwood, Brock Berrigan, and many more.
STERYO Play is a hand selected playlist comprised of deep cuts from jazz, hip hop, electronic, and world music made available every Monday. STERYO Play is *All-human selection but algorithmically inspired. 🙂

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Nomis – Chapters

“In a time where America appears to be divided more than ever, it would sometimes seem as if the people as a whole have absolutely nothing in common. But the one thing that all creeds and colors can relate to is hardship. All cultures and social economic groups can feel a kinship in the reality that there is no escaping tribulation. While some focus solely on the trial, Nomis offers us an alternative. A reminder that its always darkest before the dawn. A mantra professing that our past choices and current predicaments do not define our future. A slogan we can all latch on to. “When it hurts and its doomed for disaster, Our story ain’t done time to write a new chapter.””

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Snapshot: Angeline

“While many aspiring artists are motivated by the allure of fame and fortune, every so often the inspiration derives from a humanitarian ambition, and the need to help others. That’s exactly the case for 24-year-old singer-songwriter Keshia Angeline, professionally known as just Angeline, who started singing in her native Regina, Saskatchewan almost 8 years ago.” CLICK TO READ MORE.

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Single: Quitapenas – Ya Veran

An Inland Empire hidden gem, Quitapenas developed one of the finest Afro-Latin tropical combo sounds in the United States. Their name derives from a Spanish term meaning to “remove your worries.” Their music is a reflection of that persona, as their laid-back sounds hypnotize you into ocean filled environment where the freshest beverages await for your sipping. C’mon, sit back and relax to the sounds of Quitapenas.

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