Kognitif – Soul Food

Soul Chef – Kognitif feeds us the mind’s Soul Food to nourish Monday’s motivation with heavy drums, samples, and guitar riffs. Just enough to kick start my day (coffee not included). 🙂

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SmokedBeat – Smoked Mood Vol. 2

Whenever I need inspiration to accompany my perspectives on social issues I listen to SmokedBeat’s Smoked Mood Vol. 2. This album released in 2014 and it still resonates with me, as a matter of fact, this album grows with me.

SmokedBeat is a producer for the quintessential jazz fusion music label – Millennium Jazz. We even conducted an interview with SmokedBeat initially after this release. Check it out to learn more.

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Erik Jackson – Almost Dark

Erik Jackson’s Almost Dark goes back to the essence of jazz fusion music production. Dusting off his MPC, Almost Dark goes through the oldest vinyl albums in jazz where he seeks inspiration and wisdom from the legends. Through the 7 month journey, Erik Jackson learns that music never dies therefore his music is a tribute to those who have gone before us.
Listen to this gem – you can start from the top and let it roll.

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Mono:Massive & Philanthrope – Monothrope

“Massive jazzy vibes from Austrians producers Mono:Massive and Philanthrope joining forces on this LP for Radio Juicy called Monothrope. The collaboration on this project is a revelation, you’ll recognize the sweet and familiar vibes from both artists and something new, like a spark in the middle of the night. Their joint effort brought life to a captivating album, from start to end it will transport you and you’ll be left wanting for more. This is a unique release that we feel privileged to present to you. Enjoy and let it flow.”

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