REVIEW: Dezzy Hollow – Stay Current


March 1st, by Edgar Roman

Only a few albums have gotten a rise out of me in the last year. Dezzy Hollow’s Stay Current is one of them.

When we first featured Dezzy Hollow on STERYO in August 2012, we had a strong sense of him. We knew that his spirit was special – but it wasn’t just because he’s talented. Personally speaking, his voice convinced me that Dezzy would never give up. After The Silent Story, The Deep End Mixtape followed, and then The Soul Food Project dropped in 2015. Every project has had growth consistency. Since then STERYO has been loyal to Dezzy simply because his work ethic shows in his music – he gives you and I the best quality in lyricism, beat selection, and melodies.

Stay Current represents a mental model – one that aims at staying relevant through the act of reinvention. Reinvention doesn’t necessarily mean changing something dramatically – it means augmenting the present human experiences by developing key traits that resonate well with the person you’re aiming in becoming. Essentially Stay Current is a “coming of age” album filled with hard but relatable life lessons. Growth is not easy, there’s a lot of struggle, and especially in a super fast social environment we live in where information travels too fast – as a whole we encounter much different circumstances than generations before. The question becomes – how do you stay current?

Stay Current dominates with masterful storytelling while addressing real social themes. The overall sentiment of the album is about positivity; at a personal level, it’s about maintaining clarity of the self in spite of adverse conditions. Life’s trenches are filled with so much chaos and confusion; Stay Current becomes a mental blueprint for how to overcome the bad while taking advantage of those positive fleeting moments. It goes to show that we’re not alone in the struggle, but more importantly Stay Current reminds us to always keep a fresh perspective. It also serves as a reminder that not everything in life requires a dramatically emotional response – Dezzy reminds us of his strength and thus become a reliable and well-deserving thought leader.

A great way to gather inspiration from Stay Current is by also listening to Dezzy’s older albums to grasp the journey it took to be current. Dezzy will always remind us that the hustle is more than “about the money” – it’s much greater! The hustle is about loving of the game of life and being consistent at it – never giving up and never compromising your integrity. And that’s what Stay Current means to me.

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