Millennium Jazz Music presents The Solar Panel


If you think about what a solar panel’s purpose is, you’ll quickly understand The Solar Panel. Let me explain!

We encounter thousands of thoughts everyday, some of which we’re conscious of and others not. Now equate that to the sun rays. In any given sunny day we’re encounter sun rays, and since the sun rays form part of our daily life – those rays touching our bodies have become a daily habit. Knowing the difference is the experience of enjoying those sun rays, which can be conscious or unconscious.

The Solar Panel is unequivocally a natural progression for MJM. Because the sun rays are common (in most areas), they are (sometimes) taken for granted. MJM is the solar panel – they find enjoyment in soaking in the sun, while collecting and converting those sun rays into an experience only they can tell through their music. Therefore it’s only natural for MJM to call this project The Solar Panel.

Like the great Marshall McLuhan said “the message is the medium.”

The project began as a few simple tracks to put out over the summer months as we soaked up the vibes from the sun rays and directed the energy into our music. Then the word got out about the album and the artist list got bigger and bigger. Now we have this massive long player that is almost an hour and twenty minutes long and packed with gems over a 24 track play list featuring all of MJM’s currently active roster and a few guest features. All of who will be no stranger to a lot of you around the world.

Click here to be directed to the album

What do you think of this?

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