Chairman Maf – SOUP



What is presumably his last album, Chairman Maf serves us a bowl of his finest SOUP, a consistent blend of lively sample ingredients that releases pungent nostalgic mental aromas. As a follow up to the quirky and charismatic PAINT, SOUP’s reflection hinges on the essence of sampling, however an esoteric one. To combine various melodies into one song requires expert skill, only driven by someone who is focused and determined to deliver quality – Chairman Maf is one of them.

What I appreciate most about SOUP, as well as his previous albums, is that Maf injects character into the music. His worldly patterns are flexible, and he’s not afraid to “think outside the box.” He can turn a voice (see Telegram) into an instrument and a bass line into head throbbing experience; he truly enjoys the art of beat-making.

If he decides to not continue creating music, I am profoundly confident that Chairman Maf will intuitively excel in any craft. Given the environmental complexities, art is not only a reflection of life, but also a celebration. SOUP, therefore, is the catalyst for a solution.

What do you think of this?

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