Dezzy Hollow – The Soul Food Project (album review)

Soul Food Project


The Soul Food Project, by Oceanside native Dezzy Hollow shows us the evolution of an artist, perfected lyrical deliveries, the selection of awesome beats, and badass mixing. His independence should not be confused with amateur; Dezzy is a professional. The focus, consistency, and quality on The Soul Food Project are top-notch. I haven’t heard anything so chilled out since Warren G’s Regulate…G Funk Era, or refreshing since To Pimp a Butterfly. So you know this album has range.

In listening to Soul Food Project, I found myself transitioning between the summer of 1994 and summer of 2015. The irony, unknown until I listened to it, was Regulators featuring Lil Hitt. Songs like Kry, Sticks and Stones, and Casino immediately set the tone for the rest of the story. The struggles with change, independence and identity are self-evident, but there’s something greater, and that’s the theme of self-value. Dezzy uses his music as a vehicle for spreading self-worth and the romance between self and life, in the most positive manner.

By Solid Ground, you’ll be mind dancing to the double-dutch tempo of Dezzy’s voice, celebrating life like you’re suppose to. Rock Your Body will have you in those satin sheets, and Westside Rollin’ will have you driving home after a badass night. But one song that did surprised me was Spent, featuring ATL native GH Pancho. It’s refreshing to see a new breed of artists coming together from different geographical locations.

Overall Soul Food Project is a beautifully hand-stitched album. The collaborations between Aasa Westbrook, Toni, Lil Hitt, and GH Pancho were outstanding. The production is on-point, and Dezzy Hollow’s lyrical content and delivery is nothing short of brilliant.

Favorite songs: all of them.

Rating: Buy the album!


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