Millennium Jazz presents Pack of Randoms 3

PackofRandoms 3

Although Pack of Randoms 3 released on the 19th of January, I didn’t start listening to the album until about 8 days later. A lot happens in 8 days, we encounter random acts of kindness and other acts of blindness, but that is life.

In the days in between me listening and subsequently posting I learned how intriguing each beat maker is to the whole of the Pack. The album is a melting pot of contemporary and fiercely passionate people who came together and proved the randomness of the Internet is still alive and well. No matter how connected we are, there are still many people whose voices remain unheard until now. This is the beauty of discovery.

Much like our life, each song represents a span of minutes where the world is free to come and go as it pleases. If offers us a glimpse into various cultures that are openly speaking to us. How we listen to those words and sounds is where the liberation begins. If you think about it, words and sound don’t discriminate, and no matter how random or systematic the patterns are, the words and sounds will always be those voices in our heads that lead us somewhere. That somewhere is really the vicarious imagination constructed by the music alone, but it romantically places there with them.

The language of the music should be the opportunity for us to know what the world has to offer us, so that we can grow and expand our musical taste and cultural knowledge. This is the moment where I appreciate labels like Millennium Jazz and their efforts to bring us music from many folks in the world.

Truthfully the album is wonderfully random, but well orchestrated in the past tense, much how like many legendary Jazz pieces were created. You would think that someone said, “make it sound like this,” but I would be surprised if that was the case.

There are too many good things to name in this album that I must let you listen for yourself. A special shout out to RickMal, LadyParadox, Benny Diction, Stay Classy, Freud, Garcia’s Groove, Gasoline Monk, Diligent Fingers, Ed XL, Stara Kazka, Tehu, NoName KolektyF, Meandou, Leen, Glocal Newz, Macabfeats, Dusty Ohms, Bones the Beat Head, Pseudo Slang, and my brothas SmokedBeat and Gadget.

Much love to you and know that you are all appreciated!

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