Mesita – The Phoenix

The Phoenix

Mesita’s The Phoenix album is so freakin’ good it makes my body jump for joy. This meticulously crafted album captures every existing musical note known to mankind and builds an extremely beautiful landscaped aural experience, with sounds that speak in vibrant tones of colors. Endless colors that transform throughout the experience, only help relish and savor that moment in time that stands still like a statue – it’s forever!

Songs like The Villain, Buena Park, Astoria/Fallen, and Built a Prison reminds us that independently created and distributed music is as significant those which are backed by major labels. One thing I appreciate about Mesita is his confidence emanating throughout the album and his courage to lead the listener into his creative domain, where emotions are malleable during and sustainable after listening to The Phoenix in its entirety.

If you ever wonder why music like this is hard to find, it’s because it takes more effort to discover, but one discovered, that effort becomes a quest leading into other networks where “feel good” music exists and discovery becomes second nature.

Come join me into this wonderful experience created by Mesita. I swear, you’ll be extremely excited as I am, right now!

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