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Mr. Moods
Location: Laval, Québec, Canada
Equipment Using: Computer, some keyboards, fruity loops, sound forge, t- racks
Years Producing: 9 years, but 5 years intensily in beatmaking.
Label: Dusted Velvet Records
Collaborators: Erik Jackson, Jenova 7, VPD, Tack Fu, Lr-60, Skence, Emily Jane Carmen, Cheese, Vicky Flint, Darkside, T-pick, Innereyefull, Crop Circles 720, Sarah Winton, Dj Racy AJ and many more.
Contact: facebook // twitter // soundcloud // website // email:

STERYO’s Producer Profile series #3 features Quebec’s finest beat-maker/sound collector/graphic designer, Mr. Moods.
When it comes to sound quality, arrangement, and concepts, Mr. Moods is a master! From his cinematic rhythms showcased in his music to the artsy album covers, Mr. Moods’ music takes you on a dramatic roller-coaster journey lifted from innumerable media samples and carefully pieced together from an array of sounds, each with it’s own distinct vibe designed to cater to the listener’s neurological needs. Mr. Moods is a sound psychologist, he knows what you want immediately after you hear the music and he understands the power of his talent. In one way, ‘free-thinking music’ is a category that best describes his music, and the other, “action-based.” You cannot count his solo catalog with two hands, neither his frequent collaborations with international collectives: The Jazz Jousters, French Touch Connection, Erik Jackson, Jenova 7, to name a few. Trust me, he is the definition of work ethic!

With great pleasure, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Moods.

Who is Mr. Moods and where does your work originate?

I am a sound collector, always reaching for the perfect sample, or always looking for a mood to build, sad or happy, I am also a fan of drones and ambient music, a fan of distortion and lo-fi sounds. That’s me and I will never change, my sound is dirty, raw, dope and unexpected, that’s the Mr. Moods signature.

How did you come up with the name Mr. Moods?

Well, probably because when I compose my music I’m always between god and evil – always balanced between them, and honestly I don’t know why, but after a little brainstorming, Mr. Moods came naturally, because it reflects me, I can’t find no better name, because my music is made by and upon my moods and they are really varied.

What I find interesting about your beats is that you have a range that creatively goes from one extreme to the other; what is your music inspired by?

I think it’s from some repressed emotions I have, or probably by stuff I always listen or visualize like, sci-fi and horror movies, underground music when I was a kid. [I’m grown up] and the more I get older, [the] more I compose and most of my tracks are quickly made. I mean in 2 hours I can lay and finalize a complex track! I always have short time to do my music because of my work and family, (family first), most of the tracks I produce are made before I go to work. I wake up at 4 [am] and I [have] 2 hours of free time that i really enjoy. I think my force is there and I can’t explain that but it’s like…i feel the sounds, before I start something and it’s like a puzzle in my head, so it’s easy for me to deliver a complete song in a short period of time.

Your track titles have “film-like” titles –  do you envision mini films while you’re creating the music? 

No, like I mention earlier, it’s the sounds that inspired me. I don’t see anything or feel anything, I just follow the sounds I choose and I  have a huge variety of samples – probably the biggest in the world [laughing], all are classified by genre and instruments, so it’s easy to pick… but I compose and I mix them together.

 Do you have a ‘name-generator’ for all your tracks?

[Laughing] No, I name the track immediately after I compose it,  I listen to the final product and I ‘feel’ a name after… that’s all, no brainstorming for that.

 Your music catalogue size is large – how many releases do you currently have available in your social networks?

I think I now have 44 releases since 2008, but I really began in 2004.  I was doing techno music in my [earlier] days. I was a huge fan industrial techno and acid techno music… I made three techno albums before I started beat-making.

 I noticed you’ve been collaborating with Erik Jackson and Jenova 7, could we see anymore collaborations between you guys?

Yeah sure, me and Erik always do some new jazzy tunes together, since our first collaboration on Time Travellers with Jenova 7, we produced lots of material. [Erik Jackson] is quick like me and it’s really easy to work with him, we always respect the work of each other and don’t change much things after we do a piece… it’s like a one session track and I really enjoy making music with him. With Jenova 7 it’s easy too! Our first album was quickly made.  [Jenova 7]  always has cool samples to set the table and I just add flavor to them. [The process] it’s easy, we currently working on our new album, but this time we will put more time in it.

 What about Dusted Velvet Records?

I own the label with my partners, Erik Jackson and Jenova 7; we are a trip-hop, down-tempo and jazz label from USA.  Our goal is to bring you quality music in these three categories and after a few releases ,we already [received] some attention on Beatport (music distribution service). We entered the charts with three of our releases so far the [reception] has been very good for us.  My [solo] album Psychokiller of Melodies jumped to the 32nd place in the chill-out genre – I was really happy.  The latest news [is we are] still featured on Beatport. [We see] many releases [in the future] from new bands that we just signed [to the label].

Here’s a question I’ve been asking – Do you think record digging is a science or an art, or both?

Well, it’s both, find the good sample is huge work, we got to dig on a lot in records or movies, each tiny bit is examined, each sound analyzed, but for us we all feel different things. You can put 30 beat-makers with cutting some samples from the same album and you gonna have 30 different visions. We all feel different sounds or moods, in my case I look everywhere. It’s a question of feeling and we transpose them like a painting, so it’s art too.

 Another question I’ll be asking from now on -How large is your vinyl collection today?

I don’t have lot’s of vinyls, but I must say that I have a huge bank of MP3’s, CD’s, movies…etc, and probably a collection of more than 70 gig of samples and sounds from different things I’ve collected over the years.

 As part of the PRODUCER PROFILE series, we ask the interviewed producers to discuss FIVE tracks. Let’s start with Thereminator:

Thereminator – (ode to Leon Thermin)

I [did] this song after I [saw] a video of Leon Theremin and I immediately started to dig over the internet to see where I can find sounds like this.  I’m gonna buy a theremin one day for sure, this instrument is ill!

Strings of life – Strings of life

This song is probably my most intense track I made over the years. I was in trance when I compose this track, the feeling was so intense in me, I can’t describe it.  [The sounds ] touched me in a very profound way, and the result is there, love this one.

 Surrender – Psychokiller of melodies

First I must say that Erik sent me a sample this winter for us and after I heard [the samples], I did  5 tracks in 2 days, and the result was very dark, it was supposed to be on our new EP, but it was not the style of Erik, so I decided to keep the tracks for me after his approbation. One month later, Psychokiller of Melodies was born – a project highly influences by Portishead and probably my most quickly [produced] album.

On Dope – That Old Feeling

This song was made after a digging session on old jazz vinyls I [bought]. I did some scratches with [the vinyls], just for fun and start to do something – 2 hours later – ON DOPE was made.

Hanging Around – The Strings of Life

Another sessions of vinyls in the 50’s this time, I immediately fell in love with this melody, and I did a song with it… I can’t reveal my sources [laughing].

What can you say has influence your wide spectrum of music and style based on the FIVE tracks?

I think I have my own style, but in my music you will  find that my biggest influences are Amon Tobin, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, DJ Vadim, Portishead, Boards of Canada, Scorn, Bonobo, and DJ Cam. To this this day I’m still listening to their music and each time I need inspiration – when I don’t have it (and it’s rare [laughing]) – I start my music player, pop in a CD, and I let the music begin.  A couple of hours later I’m back in the studio and  have a boost for a couple of weeks or months.

I put the headphones and start to browse the folders [of samples] in Fruity Loops that I think I connect with it and I always create a melody and a rhythm section on 2 bars.  All my samples are chosen, after I  organize them a bit longer and play with them – most of the time after 2 or 3 hours, a  track is made. I must always finish what I started, if not – the track will stay in the cemetery with all the hundreds of other tracks [laughing].  I’ve composed music since I was 14 years old but never did anything with music before 2008, except that techno albums I mention earlier – I got lots of cassette tapes in the closet [laughing].

Any other projects you would like to share with us that you’re currently working on?

I’m now working on sci-fi and horror landscapes, some jazzy and ambient tunes – you never know with me!  I surprise myself each time and [my fans] – that’s why I’m still in the shadows. I think [some] fans are not ready for my music since I always take different directions, that’s why I [believe] I’m very diversified. Another project is a Hip Hop based project with an old friend of mine, Cheese. I also do work  with the powerful Hip Hop band Crop Circles 720, and always new material on the way with Erik Jackson – perhaps a new album in the style of DJ Shadow’s Entroducing.  Finally our Wax Triptych project (Mr. Moods, Jenova 7 and Mononome) is  completed, download here via Dusted Wax Kingdom.

 Do you ever plan on reaching to 50 releases, if so, can 100 be possible?

I think 100 will be more realistic  [laughing]. If the feelings and emotions still guided me,  yeah why not ? Maybe I will break a world record of the most prolific artist of the world [laughing].

Check out Mr. Moods expansive music collection today.


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  1. Awesome read. This Epic man makes extraordinary, untouchable music. A trip to a far off land accompanies every bliss filled track he makes. Adoringly …. 🙂

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