REVIEW: Dezzy Hollow – The Deep End (mixtape)

by Edgar Roman

Dezzy Hollow - The Deep End

The Deep End is not a mixtape, it’s an actual album. From the lyrical content to his delivery of words, Dezzy Hollow blossomed! Compared to his previous works, The Silent Story and Take Away, Dezzy appears to have made many calls in the wee hours of the night to arrange top-notch grassroots production and mixing work with GB Beats and Fly Life Beats. His fast-paced cadence married with smooth melodies, throbbing drums, and progressive bass lines is a manifestation of strong work ethic, practice, and near-perfection of his own unique style.

Every track on The Deep End does not underwhelm, especially  President, Pick Up, Self Conscious feat. PLAIN JANE & Lyrik, and Deep feat BAM. These particular tracks resemble progression; a relative explanation of sacrifices one makes to journey towards musical excellence. Language is ‘genius,’ from the lyrics to vocals and sample choice makes this song a great second single. These are just a few standout tracks. Other favorites include Slowed Down (first single), Falling Faster and Apartment 29.

The Deep End is introspectively creative showing a side of Dezzy Hollow which we have yet to hear, stories of his own personal cache of experiences – the trials and tribulation and triumphs of an endless journey. 18 tracks – Dezzy put alot of work in making The Deep End a gem. 18 tracks!!! That’s commitment and determination. That’s a lot of writing and practice to make sure every line was ‘on point’ in ProTools.

You heard it first here – within five years, you’ll be seeing this guy on your favorite music media format. His musical talents speak for itself – Dezzy is no hype and most certainly, no joke. Dezzy is FRESH!

The Deep End is a FREE DOWNLOAD.

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RATING:                         REPLAY (6/5)
Album Info:
Album Name:                   The Deep End
Date Released:                 January 17, 2013
Genre(s):                           Hip Hop/Rap
Location:                           Oceanside, CA

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