Producer Profile: Mr. DiBiase

Mr. Dibiase

To start the New Year off on the right musical foot, we present you Watts’ very own – Mr. DiBiase, 12-time beat battle champion and runner up of the Los Angeles RED BULL BIG TUNE BATTLE.

Originally I started makin’ beats in 95 with an 8 second sampler and Dr. Rhythm drum machine to compliment [my] rhyming, which I still do from time to time equally as sharp. Around late ’97 I got my hands on a MPC 2000 and a Tascam 4 track and made so many dusty projects with the homie Ant Dog and SWAMP 7 crew.

His SoundCloud page offers us over 20 tracks, some of which will remind you of J-Dilla and/or Madlib, but this is not to say that Mr. DiBiase is a comparison. Clearly, Mr. DiBiase showcases and represents his own unique musical style with class and flair – “from 8 bit video game classics to seductive soul to raw grungy bangers [Mr. DiBiase] has no limitations, no sample is safe.”

Visit Mr. DiBiase

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