Pragmatic Theory – New Classic

New Classic - PragmaticTheory

Pragmatic Theory are a collective of artists from around the world who come together to provide you the freshest sounds at the start of each season. New Classic features over 30 producers and comes with 36 tracks – each track representing each artists’ musical style. Album was produced in conjunction with the good folks over at

DEAD HORSE BEATS x Vanilla x Miles Bonny x Ta-ku x ManOnWire x LAKIM x Sev Seveer x Chromadadata x Mononome x Warren Xclnce x Snubluck x Shain Caw x Glyphick x Keor Meteor x Languid x J-Felix x S.F.T x Artonius x Weirddough x 5th Sequence x Funky Notes x JP Balboa x DJ Sapien x Es-K x Prozak Morris x Keith Price x Handbook x JA:KOVA x REZ x ill sugi x chrisAre x Afryx Q x Josef Blo x Floyd Cheung x The Soul Pilot x 7even Sun x Grossbuster.


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